3 Scholarships for Bachelor Degree in USA at Alvernia University

bachelor degree scholarships in USA 2022

Alvernia University in USA is providing different scholarships opportunity for international students who desire to undertake bachelor degree programs in the School. The scholarships for bachelor degree are in different cadre at the university. Kindly read along to understand the types of undergraduate scholarships, how you can submit your application and the deadline.

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About Alvernia University

Alvernia University values society. It is a dynamic intellectual environment where students learn, discover, give and develop as leaders with moral courage. Inspired by Franciscan values and based on the “unity with the love of knowledge” and the Catholic and liberal arts tradition, Alvernia University is a strict, caring and inclusive society committed to the greatness and broad commitment of study. Level education also promotes it.

It is a unique Franciscan university committed to individual and social change through an integrated, community-based, comprehensive and ethical education. Alvernia University has many values such as respecting the dignity of individual, serving others in the local and international community, hospitality, as is obvious to all, creating a caring community, for the whole person, Educating, mind, body, heart and soul, evangelistic values, respect for all creation, protection of the environment.


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Available field of study for the bachelor degree scholarships in USA 2022

Alvernia University is offering many academic fields from which international students can chose to study. It is all up to the student’s decision in which subject to go for.

  1. Accounting
  2. Addictions and Mental Health Treatment
  3. Athletic Training
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Biology
  6. Chemistry
  7. Communication
  8. Community & Environmental Sustainability
  9. Computer Science
  10. Criminal Justice Administration
  11. Cultural Studies
  12. Digital Media Marketing
  13. Economics
  14. Education Undergraduate Programs
  15. Engineering Programs
  16. English
  17. Environmental Science
  18. Finance
  19. Fine & Performing Arts
  20. Forensic Science
  21. General Science
  22. Healthcare Administration
  23. Healthcare Science
  24. Human Resource Management
  25. International Studies
  26. Liberal Studies
  27. Management
  28. Marketing
  29. Mathematics
  30. Nursing
  31. Philosophy
  32. Physics
  33. Political Science
  34. Pre-Dental
  35. Pre-Law
  36. Pre-Medical
  37. Pre-Pharmacy
  38. Psychology
  39. Social Work
  40. Sport Management
  41. Theatre
  42. Theology
  43. Women’s & Gender Studies
  44. World Languages

You can see the available programs in details


The available bachelor degree scholarships in the university & the value

Alvernia University is offering different scholarship options for coming international students so that those students who want to study in USA may have the less financial burden and those students can focus on their studies. There are about 3 different types of scholarship options available like International Honor Scholarship, Global Ambassador Scholarship, International Envoy Scholarship. These scholarships are awarding the different amounts so that the financial tension of students can be relieved. The detail of these scholarships are given below:

 1. International Honor Scholarship

The rewarding amount of the International Honor Scholarship is $22,000 per year. $22,000 is not a less amount. It is such a significant amount. It is for those students who have the top-performing academic results and completing their previous studies with recognized achievements. You can apply for International Honor Scholarship at application portal.


2. Global Ambassador Scholarship

The grant amount of the Global Ambassador Scholarship is $15,000 per year. Global Ambassador Scholarship is available for those qualified international students who will demonstrate leadership potential and also desire to serve as a cultural ambassador in the United States. You can also apply for the Global Ambassador Scholarship at application portal.

3. International Envoy Scholarship

International Envoy Scholarship’s amount is $10,000 per year. This significant amount would give to the achieving students. You have to apply application portal



Eligibility criteria for the bachelor degree scholarships in USA

  1. Applicants from any nationality are eligible to apply
  2. Applicants for Undergraduate scholarships should have a high school certificate to apply for a Bachelors degree
  3. Applicants should have strong communication skills
  4. Applicants should meet English proficiency and financial specifications, more information can be seen here.
  5. Applicants should have strong leadership skills
  6. Applicants should have the willingness to work for the betterment of their home country and for the USA
  7. Applicant’s academic results should be excellent
  8. Applicant’s physical and mental condition should be good
  9. Applicants should return back to their home country after completing their bachelor’s degree pursued on Bachelors Scholarships / Undergraduate scholarships


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Required documents for the bachelor degree scholarships in USA

  1. International Scholarship application should apply here application portal.
  2. Statement of the proposed study. (For his purpose a separate document is required, in which the applicant should that why the University of Alvernia should provide them with a scholarship and also that how their academic and personal goals would contribute to their campus community. It should be more than 300 words.
  3. Unofficial Grade Report. Applicants should submit all grade reports from all previous schools attended.
  4. One Letter of Recommendation. This letter must be submitted with the scholarship application packet before the deadline. Click here to get tips on how to win scholarship


Deadline for the bachelor degree scholarships in USA

The last date to apply for Alvernia University undergraduate scholarships in USA is May 1, 2022


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