9 Postgraduate Scholarships in Kinesiology at US Universities in  2022

master scholarships in Kinesiology in US


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Postgraduate scholarships in kinesiology for international students at seven universities in USA. Do you have a background in sport science and seeking a postgraduate research position to further horn your skills? Here is a perfect opportunity for you  in the US this summer. In this article, we have 9 different funding opportunities in seven different universities in the United States in Kinesiology and sport science.


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1. Graduate Assistant, Concussion Education at Boise State University

This graduate assistant will teach laboratory sections for KINES 375 Human Growth and Motor Learning and assist with research projects in the areas of concussion education and psychological and sociocultural aspects of sport-related concussions. Expected time commitment is 20 hours per week. Interested applicants are enjoyed to contact  Dr. Shelley Lucas and Dr. Laura Petranek


2. Graduate Assistant, Kinesiology at Boise State University

We are seeking four candidates to fill available graduate assistantships.  Successful applicants will be assigned one or more of the following responsibilities:  teaching laboratory sections in exercise physiology, clinical exercise physiology or strength and conditioning, assisting with faculty research, providing administrative and advising support for the athletic training program, and/or assisting with the Fitness Challenge and Fitness for Life programs. The Fitness Challenge is a 10-week experiential learning component in which the students gain personal training experience by working with university faculty and staff.  Fitness for Life is a service program that provides strength training for local older adults. Assignment will be based on faculty need and applicant interests and expertise. Expected time commitment is 20 hours per week. For more information, please contact Dr. Shelley Lucas

postgraduate scholarships in Kinesiology

Preferred skills of the postgraduate scholarship in Kinesiology

Preferred skills/abilities include strong interest in data-driven research and data analysis, strong verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, and excellent time management skills.  Expected time commitment is 20 hours per week.

postgraduate scholarships in Kinesiology

How to apply for the graduate assistantships Boise State University

  • Applicants must be admitted to (or under admission review for) the MS in Kinesiology or Master of Kinesiology program.  To apply for an assistantship, email Dr. Shelley Lucas to express your interest in one or both positions.
  • Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

To apply for admission Click here  or check the official announcement here

postgraduate scholarships in Kinesiology

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postgraduate  scholarships in Kinesiology

3. Graduate Assistantships at Iowa State University

Assistantships are available as the primary way students fund their graduate education. The responsibilities of the three types of graduate assistantships differ:

  1. Teaching Assistant (TA): Provides teaching support for classes within the Department of Kinesiology and works under the supervision of one or more faculty members.
  2. Research Assistant (RA): Provides research support for a laboratory within the Department of Kinesiology and works under the supervision of one of more faculty members.
  3. Graduate Assistant (GA): Provides support for a service area within ISU. Examples of GAs include working for the Exercise Clinic or Recreational Services.

Benefits of the postgraduate scholarship in Kinesiology

An assistantship provides a monthly stipend and includes a scholarship that covers half of in-state tuition for M.S. students and full tuition for Ph.D. students. A graduate student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to hold an assistantship and to receive a tuition scholarship. A full assistantship is roughly equivalent to 20 hours of work per week.


How to apply for the graduate assistantships at Iowa State University

Interested candidates should contact DeAnn Pitman  Visit the official announcement here

postgraduate  scholarships in Kinesiology

4. Graduate Teaching Assistantship at Texas Tech University

Students admitted to the master’s degree programs in the Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management often are provided financial support in the form of graduate teaching assistantships, most often as teaching assistants (TAs) but, occasionally research assistants (RAs) are available. Teaching and research assistants must pursue a course of study in a master’s degree within the Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management. It is expected that graduate assistants work on a half-time basis (20 hrs/week) in addition to maintaining a full-time class schedule.

Master’s degree students receiving teaching assistantships are typically assigned to instruct a variety of activity classes in the Personal Fitness Wellness (PFW) program. Every effort will be made for TAs to teach classes in which they have had previous experience or knowledge.

As a TA or RA, the student must be enrolled in 9 hours in a long semester. In the summer, a TA or RA must be enrolled in 3 hours in the session teaching.

 Benefits of the postgraduate scholarship in Kinesiology

  • All students holding graduate TA or RA positions receive several benefits including exemption of out-of-state tuition, tuition and fee waivers, and campus student health care.
  • TAs and RAs, also receive fee waivers for the summer session as long as they are enrolled in a graduate class during the summer session teaching.
  • In addition, TAs receive a stipend of $13,000 for nine months. Moreover, the possibility of teaching summer classes exists but depends on the availability of funding and student demand for PFN courses.

postgraduate scholarships in Kinesiology

How to apply for the Masters Scholarship at Texas Tech University

Interested applicants should contact the program coordinator at  karla.kitten@ttu.edu

Visit the official announcement here


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5. Graduate Assistantship in Kinesiology at Michigan State University

The Department of Kinesiology offers a number of graduate assistantship (GA) positions each year. KIN Teaching Assistantships , KIN Research Assistantships and KIN Athletic Training Assistanships

In addition, some KIN students are interested in assistantship positions working with MSU varsity sports teams. These assistantships are administered by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, not the Department of Kinesiology. Interested students should contact the coach or sports operation director in the sport of interest.

Benefits of the postgraduate scholarship in Kinesiology

Typical annual stipends for a half-time GA position range from about $13,500 to $15,500 depending upon the student’s qualifications and experience. In addition, GAs receive:

  • a tuition waiver for 9 credits in the fall and spring semesters and 5 credits in the summer semester;
  • exemption from out-of-state resident tuition; and
  • health insurance.

For more information on current stipends and benefits, consult the GA information on the MSU Graduate School web site.

Check the official announcement here


7. Graduate Assistantships at the University of New Hemisphere

University of New Hemisphere offers a limited number of graduate assistantships each academic year. These assistantships are highly competitive and are awarded to meritorious students exhibiting skill sets that coincide with Exercise Science Option & faculty needs. Graduate Assistants carry a full academic load (6-12 credits per semester) and are expected to contribute 20 hours per week in the area that the assistantship is held. The areas are typically associated with: a) clinical programs; b) laboratory research; or c) teaching. Graduate Assistantships are for one year with possible renewal the second year depending on performance and funding availability.

How to apply for the masters scholarships at the University of New Hemisphere

In order to be considered for a graduate assistantship, applicants are expected fill out and send in (email, FAX, or regular postal mail) the application by the due date.

The application form can be access here


8. Graduate Assistantships in Kinesiology at James Madison University

Graduate teaching assistantships provide students with valuable professional experiences. Depending on the assistantship assignment, responsibilities may include preparing and facilitating undergraduate laboratory experiences, facilitating physical activity, planning and implementing outreach programs, delivering short lectures, grading, and assisting with administrative tasks.

Graduate assistants are required to perform 20 hours per week.

Benefits of the postgraduate scholarship in Kinesiology

All assistantships include a stipend intended to offset costs accrued during graduate school. University-wide stipend amounts for graduate teaching assistants are currently $4,972 per academic semester ($9,944/academic yr). Assistantships also include tuition waivers (full or partial).

How to apply for the master scholarships at James Madison University

Interested applicants are to submit a formal application here

Official announcement here


9. Graduate Assistantships in Kinesiology at California State University

A limited number of Graduate and Teaching Assistantships are available through the Department of Kinesiology.

Graduate Assistants (GAs) are available to qualified students with experience in sport, fitness, or related fields. Teaching Associate (TAs) are also available to qualified students.

How to apply for assistantships at California State University

Interested applicants are to file a formal application here

Once you have applied to the program, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. ChengTu Hsieh  for a GA/TA application. Because the GA/TA positions are limited, the earlier you apply the better chance you have of receiving a position.


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