How To Get Free University Education in Europe As An International Student

how to get free university education in europe


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Overview on how to get free University Education in Europe

Free university education in Europe is possible! From experience however, many students from other regions of the world prefer Europe as their study destination due to different reasons based on their individual preferences. To some international students, it might be due to Europe exciting culture and rich lifestyle. Some international students chose Europe due ease of exploring multiple countries during their studies. While to other international students it is the combination of the previous two. Whatever the reason might be, Europe still has one of the best education standard among other regions of the world. In addition, European higher institutions (universities and colleges) have been highly recognized worldwide for their outstanding performance in various field of study. This we believe is a major reason why international students are on mass exodus to European universities.


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Meanwhile, the combination of the above exciting experience doesn’t come for free, it come with a price which many foreign students will have to brake bank to meet up. As an incoming international student, you will have to do some due diligence in considering the cost of your studies, accommodation, living expenses among others. The financial obligation that accompany studying in any European country can truly burdensome.

As an international student however, you can legally have free university education in Europe. Yes free! As one of the developed continent, European countries is well recognized for their provision of different funding opportunities for international students without compromising on the quality of training offered. Also, there are some European countries with free tuition fees for both local and international students to aide their university education. If your tuition fee is covered, then you should also consider your living expenses in Europe during your study. Compared to other regions, living in Europe might be costly because you need to fund your allowance, accommodation, and a lot more. To therefore get this done effortless, some European universities offers some level of assistance towards this. Also, as an international students some countries in Europe allows you to work to support your studies.

Interesting thus far right? Now let us proceed to the steps on how to secure free study in Europe as an international student.


Steps on how to study in Europe for free for International Students

The below steps will guide any international students to secure placement for free university or college education in Europe. Read through and ensure you act on the information.


Decide on your study destination

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. In your journey towards getting free university education in Europe, your first step as an international student is deciding what you want. If therefore want to study in Europe, you need to decide which country and then the university to study. However, this decision should be a product of research because Europe is a continent with over 40 countries and thousands of higher institutions. You therefore need to be precise in your selection else, you might have made a wrong combination as against the free university education in Europe you are looking for. Remember, your goal is to study in Europe for free. Thorough search for European countries that have low or tuition free universities must be done before you decide where to land. In your search, you can consider parameters such as: Tuition fee, language of instructions, duration of program, immigration policy (are international students allowed to work), mode of study, financial aid etc.

During your search, narrow down your options as much as possible. If you narrow down your options, you can easily choose a university for your free education in Europe. For instance, Germany, Ice Land, Norway, France and the Czech Republic offer university education for free to everyone. So, by knowing the countries, it’s easy to choose an institution that is best for your program. Another advantage of research is that you can easily estimate your cost because at the end of the day, you still need to consider that you’ll pay something, so it’s better to prepare early.


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Make Irresistible Application and Submit Early to access free university education in Europe 

After you have decide the direction where you will be going, now you have to prepare your application documents. And not just an application but an impressive one. Because the quality of your application will determine your chance of been accepted into your chosen university and program. Also, let me inform you that the application documents is more than just documents because it will present your achievement, qualifications and personality.

To begin with, you need to present an outstanding academic performance from your previous educational level. And if you didn’t finish with good grades in your last educational program, you can well package whatever grade you have and polish it with professional/research/leadership experience. Though good grades and high academic achievements will highlight your strengths and potential but that is not all there is to a successful application.

After that, you need to show your leadership capabilities, community engagement activities and some extra curriculum engagements. All these has a way of enhancing your application. For those with low academic grades, you need to actually blow your trumpet at this stage because it might be the lifesaving factor for your application.

You also need to meet language proficiencies if necessary for your chosen university and programs. Some universities waive this while some don’t. For the European languages, it will highly depend on your chosen program – on its medium of instruction. For postgraduate programs however, if your previous degree was taught in English or obtained from a country with English as an official language it can be waived.

Lastly, you also need to prepare documents for your student visa application. Along with your academic application, this will be a part of the process, so make sure to process them early.


Cold E-mail Professors to get free university education in Europe

Truth be told, there are many hidden funding opportunities for Masters and PhD program that you will never see in the advert especially for research purposes. One of the surest ways of getting access to this type of opportunity is cold e-mailing. You can read more about How to Win Hidden Scholarships with Cold Email


Apply to Cheap and Tuition Free European Universities

In Europe, there are over 2,500 educational institutions with different programs and degree offerings. Therefore, you have a wide range of options to consider especially if you’re considering the financial cost of your studies. In Europe, there are a lot of public schools open to international students, and they can offer low-cost of tuition fees for non-European students. There are many cheap universities in the continent that are globally recognized for their excellence in different fields. Choosing a cheap university to study will help you with your finances. It will lessen your worries in managing your finances.


Apply for Scholarships to get free university education in Europe

After you have applied to you desired university and program, you can apply for scholarships to finance your study. As an international student in Europe with limited budget, you want to maximize your resources.  Fortunately, European universities offers different kind of scholarships for international students to reduce the burden of expenses. Aside the universities, government in European countries also have different arrangements for scholarships and awards for foreign students. If you’re already accepted into an affordable or tuition-free university, it is still highly suggested that you apply for scholarships that can cover your living expenses.


Conclusion on how to get free university education in Europe

So, with a combination of affordable tuition fees and a scholarship that covers your living expenses, you can actually study in Europe for free!

Take a look at some of the scholarships for international students in United Kingdom below:

You can see that scholarships are offered in various degrees – undergraduates, masters, and Ph.D.

You can apply for more than one scholarship in a particular country. This will increase the chances of getting a scholarship. Please be resourceful in searching for scholarships and make sure to have an impressive scholarship application. Read here How To Position For Scholarships


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