An Insider Tips on How To Get University Admission in USA As An International Student

An Insider Advice on How To Get University Admission in USA As An International Student

Dmitry, a higher education professional who chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the United States of America following his graduation from high school and gap year. He took the initiative to apply to eight universities, receiving acceptance letters from half of them. His expertise also benefited his junior, whom he assisted in securing admission to one of the most prestigious universities in the state. In this article, Dmitry delves into the real-life student experience in the USA, exploring the educational system, learning approaches, and the career opportunities that await graduates. His insights offer valuable guidance for prospective students considering schooling in America.

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Inspiration to Study in the USA & Language Limitation

In 2013, after completing my education at a Moscow-based English secondary school known for its English proficiency and annual student exchange program with Buckingham Browns and Nichols High School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to participate in this exchange. During my 10th grade, I resided with an American student’s family, which was part of the cultural exchange, as they studied Russian and later visited Russia. The program allowed me to explore Boston’s landmarks, including Harvard, the University of Massachusetts, and the Boston Marathon, as well as the city’s renowned museums, and even spend time in New York.

This journey was instrumental in shaping my aspiration to pursue further education in the United States of America. Following the exchange, I attended a two-month summer program at Harvard, which was more than just an English language course. It was an intensive preparation for college life, focusing on the essential skills needed for future academic success. Initially, the transition was challenging, especially being immersed in a new language and culture away from my family. However, my mother’s unwavering support and encouragement helped me overcome these obstacles, reinforcing the belief that perseverance through difficulties is crucial in achieving one’s educational aspirations.

 Selecting School in the US and Preparation for Application

During my junior year of high school, I made the strategic decision to take a gap year to strategically prepare for my college applications to the United States. This approach is somewhat different from that in my home country, where students typically start their application preparations at the onset of their final year.

Diligently, I navigated through the complexities of the admissions process, frequently communicating with university admissions offices to ensure I understood every detail. I also curated a targeted list of institutions to apply to. The preparation for standardized tests like the TOEFL and SAT was time-intensive; I engaged in one-on-one sessions with a native English speaker and supplemented these lessons with self-study, utilizing official preparation materials. Although the SAT presented significant challenges, the dedicated time during my gap year allowed for comprehensive preparation, culminating in a respectable score.

Subsequently, I submitted applications to eight universities, focusing on undergraduate business programs. I was gratified to receive offers from the University of New Hampshire, the University of Vermont, and Bentley University. My selection was influenced by my affinity for the New England area, particularly Boston, a city I had fallen in love with during previous visits to the United States.

Ultimately, I decided on the University of New Hampshire, a public institution nestled within a picturesque campus. Renowned for its stunning beauty, particularly in the winter months, the campus exudes a cinematic charm reminiscent of classic college films, complete with dormitories, academic structures, and Greek-lettered fraternity and sorority houses, all buzzing with student life. The university offers a unique glimpse into authentic rural American life, a stark contrast to the bustling metropolises like New York or the glitzy allure of Los Angeles. Moreover, the affordability of education and living expenses in such locales presents a compelling advantage for international students seeking a comprehensive American experience.

Useful Info for Incoming Students:

When selecting universities, it’s wise to consider both the institution’s overall ranking and the specific program’s reputation to gain a comprehensive view. Moreover, while it’s important to aim for your top-choice schools, it’s equally crucial to have alternatives. If your preferred universities are highly competitive, broaden your options by applying to additional schools with more favorable admission rates. Having a backup plan with 3-4 alternative universities can ensure you have a solid strategy for your higher education journey. Remember, a well-rounded selection process and contingency planning are key to academic success.

Experience So far in the University

I arrived a week early to settle into the dorm and adjust before classes began. The university was incredibly supportive, hosting an orientation week specifically for international students. During this week, staff members detailed campus life and academic expectations, and assisted with practical matters such as opening a bank account, shopping essentials at Walmart, and obtaining a SIM card. This comprehensive support system addressed the common challenges faced by international students, ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, a session on immigration regulations and work permits provided crucial information to navigate the complexities often encountered by students from abroad.

First Day in School and the Academic Journey

My academic journey in the Finance and International Business and Economics program at the business school was a transformative experience. The curriculum was enriched by instructors who brought a wealth of knowledge from their extensive backgrounds in financial frameworks, entrepreneurial ventures, and marketing strategies. Their dual expertise in theoretical concepts and practical applications made learning deeply engaging and immensely valuable.

The program’s approach to education was dynamic, focusing on current business trends and real-world applications over traditional textbook learning. This was exemplified in our marketing course, where we were tasked with observing the US Super Bowl commercials, a prime example of high-stakes advertising, to discuss their impact and effectiveness. Such practical assignments not only enhanced our understanding of marketing principles but also honed our analytical skills by evaluating real-life business scenarios.

The most challenging courses within my curriculum included Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting. The robust accounting program at our business school mandated these subjects for all students, regardless of their specific program. These courses tested our resilience and determination. Nevertheless, the rigorous training proved beneficial as it equipped many graduates with the expertise to secure attractive positions at premier financial firms nationwide, including PWC, EY, and other notable investment companies.

Useful Info for Incoming Students:

In U.S. higher education institutions, academic performance is evaluated holistically over the course of the semester. This comprehensive assessment includes various components such as homework assignments, group projects, midterms, and the final examination. Consequently, last-minute cramming is unlikely to yield a satisfactory overall grade. Regular attendance and active engagement in collaborative tasks and classroom discussions are crucial. Students are advised to establish a well-defined balance between their academic responsibilities and personal life well ahead of time to ensure success.

Career Opportunities for International Students in the USA

While pursuing my studies, I took on a part-time role at a campus coffee shop to manage my expenses. This job, which spanned four years, saw me advance from a barista to the position of general supervisor. This progression allowed me to hone vital business skills and lay the groundwork for my post-university career.

Simultaneously, I aspired to gain experience working alongside university faculty, so I kept a vigilant eye on academic job openings. Securing such a position required a strong academic record, fluency in English, and a commitment to my duties. Leveraging my track record and accomplishments, I secured a semester-long stint as a teaching assistant in business statistics, followed by a six-month tenure as an assistant professor in organizational behavior.

Upon completing my university education, I embarked on a professional journey in the finance sector at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The transition from an academic setting to a bustling metropolis, working alongside a diverse group of expatriates, presented a stark contrast and proved to be immensely enriching. This period marked a significant milestone in my career, offering a wealth of experiences that I cherish deeply. Similarly, many peers promptly secured roles within their fields of study, while others pursued further education, securing prestigious scholarships like the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, which generously covers tuition fees.

In my community, the pursuit of education in the USA became a shared path, as some junior high school students followed in my footsteps two years later. Leveraging my firsthand knowledge of the admissions process, I provided substantial support in assembling documents, selecting universities, and crafting compelling motivational and recommendation letters.

Work & Study Opportunity in the USA

One of my Junior internships at a startup and an insurance company’s IT department were invaluable. They provided him with deep insights into corporate structures and essential skills for professional excellence. His academic journey culminated in May 2023, when he graduated, an occasion our family proudly celebrated. My own journey in admissions has brought me to LinguaTrip, where I leverage my English proficiency and firsthand experience with U.S. university applications to assist numerous students globally. Daily, I engage with aspiring students, guiding them in crafting a compelling admissions strategy, creating standout application documents, and targeting universities that align with their aspirations.

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