Research Masters Scholarships at the University of Manitoba Canada

research masters scholarships in Canada


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Research masters scholarships in Canada at the University of Manitoba.

It is understandable why Canada is one of the high priority country for most international students. However, the cost associated with schooling in Canada can only be afford by very few. This is therefore another opportunity for academically talented international students who are interested in research master program at the Dr. Jones lab in the department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics to make their dream come to reality through the call for funding applications at the lab. Read full details of the application process and about the research options below.


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Why study at the University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba, a Canadian public research university in the province of Manitoba.

The largest university in the Manitoba province in students enrollment and campus area and the 17th-largest in all of Canada. Boasting dozens of faculties and hundreds of degree programs, its main campus is located in the Fort Garry neighborhood of southern Winnipeg, with other campuses throughout the city. The university has internationally accredited programs and award-winning researchers and instructors with world-class reputation. With tuition fees lower than most other Canadian universities and an affordable city to call home, our students enjoy a high-quality education at a very reasonable cost. These and many more are reasons why you should consider study at the University of Manitoba, Canada.


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About the research masters scholarships in Canada

The Jones Lab of Dr. Jones is currently accepting graduate students through the Biochemistry and Medical Genetics program of the University of Manitoba. The department is committed to advancing the understanding of biochemistry and medical genetics and improving patient outcomes through our advanced research.

Research projects within the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics are wide-ranging and cover a number of topics. The department is currently studying environmental impacts during development, new therapies for cancer or rare genetic disorders, as well as computer-based approaches to develop new diagnostic tools and understand our risk for drug-related adverse effects.


Available programs in the department

Genetic Counselling (MSc)

Genetic counselling combines the expertise of genetic disease mechanisms with a sensitive appreciation of the psychological burdens and complex social and ethical issues associated with genetic disorders. Genetic counsellors are highly specialized health care professionals working in all domains of genetics including cancer, prenatal, pediatric and metabolic genetics.

Biochemistry and Medical Genetics (MSc)

Immerse yourself in graduate studies with the Biochemistry and Medical Genetics (MSc). Explore the principles of cell culture, cytogenetic, molecular and biochemical genetic techniques that are used in the diagnosis of human genetic disease and the study of human variation.

Biochemistry and Medical Genetics (PhD)

Dive into the thrilling world of biochemistry and medical genetics with the immersive, four-year Biochemistry and Medical Genetics (PhD) program with opportunities for thesis research in cancer, computational biology, epigenetics, genetic basis of development and disease, and regenerative medicine.

Clinical Biochemistry Fellowship

The fellowship for Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Manitoba is a three-year program that leads to certification by the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biologists (CACB). Gain the practical and professional training needed to practice as a biochemist medical consultant at a clinical biochemistry laboratory.


Eligibility for the research masters scholarships in Canada

The major eligibility criteria is for the interested applicants to meet up the admission requirement for the University of Manitoba.

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How to apply for the research masters scholarships in Canada

Interested applicants for the research masters scholarships in Canada at  Dr. Jones, please send (preferably as a single PDF):

  • Statement of purpose describing why you are interested in working in the Jones lab and an outline of a specific project you are interested in
  • Your BSc transcripts (unofficial is fine)​
  • A CV
  • Details of any previous lab experience
  • An example of output from previous research experience (a poster, a paper, a report), if applicable, otherwise an example of something you have written.



Yet to be decided.

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