How To Email A Professor | Scholarship Cold Email Templates In 2023

Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

Scholarship Cold Email Templates In 2023

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Here is how you should email a Professor for a research position (Masters or Ph.D. Scholarships) In 2023. Getting scholarships through professors or supervisors is not a new strategy to fund your graduate education. But there is a catch on how to apply cold email with a template strategy to secure funded opportunities. So let us cruise in this journey

Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

Incase you are still confused about how to go about sending a cold email to that professor to seek for fully or partial funded scholarship positions for your studies? Just read along to get clarity into how you too can develop your compelling content for your cold mail scholarships request. Meanwhile, you can get a refresher article on How to win scholarship in 2023 with cold email 

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Cold email for scholarship sample 1 Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

Distinguished Tamos Tamos (Prof),

 I trust this mail meet you well and in the best state of health. 

I visited your profile and I am impressed with your work. I feel privileged to inform you that my research interest of rat eating rat is in line with some of your works, and can be nature from your wealth of experience. 

Having practical experience in the rat and rat, which I believe will be of advantage for me in a graduate degree program rat eat rat.  I would like to be a part of your research team as a Master’s Student for the 2020/2021 admission session.

Please give me a chance to kick-start my master’s studies under your supervision. Attached is a copy of my CV for your perusal and consideration. Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

I know you are very busy and I will appreciate whatever time or effort you put in to attend to my request. 

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards

Bill Door.


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Cold email for scholarship sample 2 Cold email examples

Honorable Professor ABC,

I recently completed my BSc. degree with a CGPA of 4.3/5 in Mathematical Science at XYZ University of Technology, the best university of Technology in the Oceania.
I have looked deeply at your research profile and I realized that you are working in the Area of mathematical modeling which is an emerging field of the future. That’s why I have chosen this field as my future research area under your kind supervision. I want to join your department and your research team and do my efforts on xty research. I want to complete my MSc. studies under your supervision. Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

I am an honest, mission-oriented and hardworking, person with excellent problem solving and analytical skills. I always fulfill my responsibilities to complete the assigned task in a timely manner to the best of my abilities. Therefore, I would like to apply for the MSc. Mathematics at the xyz University for the program starting in summer 2022. Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

I have attached my CV and transcript to this email.

Thank you as I await your response.

Regard, Monsk Elon.


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Cold email for scholarships sample 3 Scholarship Cold email examples in 2023

Dear Prof. XYZ, 

I hope my email meets you well.

I am James bond, a business enthusiast and social entrepreneur from Nigeria. I am an emerging researcher with a deep interest in high-quality interdisciplinary research. My research interest on “purchasing behavior of persons with disability” seems to create an intersection with the disciplines of Business (Marketing) and Social work (Disability studies).

I came across your profile on google scholar and after studying your profile, I was happy to learn that despite our different disciplines we share similar research interests (health studies and social inclusion). Even more intriguing are your publications in top refereed journals. I find the article on “people with disability behavior in UK stores” particularly interesting. It would be an honor to have a discussion with you on how to extend the application of your findings to the African scenario. Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

To this end, I am reaching out to make a connection with you and to offer my time and skills to work with you on any aligned research projects you might have. Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

I have enclosed my CV in this mail to further equip you with my background and I will be very happy to discuss further with you at your earliest convenience.

Thanking you in anticipation of your response.

Best regards


Scholarship Cold Email Templates in 2023

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