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scholarship positions in Thailand

Scholarship positions in Thailand for international students.

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Thailand, the land of smiles-due to friendliness of the Thai people. Beyond this friendly culture, the South Asian country also boost of world class educational institutes that offer quality education at both undergraduate and post graduate level. Are you an international students looking for study abroad opportunity, I think you should maximize this open door in Thailand at Sirrindhom International Institute of Technology.


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About the Scholarship Positions in Thailand

Scholarships by Sirindhom Technology Scholarship Fund are available for excellent students from reputable universities of any foreign country to study in a master’s or a doctoral degree program at Sirindhom International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, Thailand. There about 40 scholarships positions for both masters and PhD degrees. The scholarships are made available for the following research interest:

  1. Biochemical Engineering/ Biochemistry
  2. Environmental Engineering/ Science/ Technology Management
  3. Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry
  4. Industrial Engineering and Logistics Systems
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Digital Engineering
  7. Computer Engineering/ Science
  8. Logistics and Supply Chain Systems Engineering
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Management Technology
  11. Energy Technology/ Management
  12. Materials Engineering/Science/ Technology
  13. Engineering Management
  14. Mechanical Engineering
  15. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things


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Scholarship coverage

  1. Full SITT tuition and educational support fees (full thesis support), excluding:

                                           TU Matriculation Fee (600 Baht)

                                        TU Educational Support Fees (800 Baht [IT Service by TU] – 55 Baht [Group Insurance Fee] per semester)

  1. Living allowance of 10,000 Baht per month
  2. Roundtrip economy travel expenses, the most direct route to and from Thailand and the recipient’s home country (actual expense, maximum of 20,000 Baht/student)
  3. Miscellaneous expenses such as visa fees, airport taxes, etc.(actual expenses, but not over 10,000 Baht)
  4. Health and accident insurance during the period of scholarship in Thailand

Scholarship recipients are required to stay at the SIIT dormitory for a period for a period of at least 12 months


Eligibility Criteria for the scholarship positions in Thailand

Applicant for the scholarship positions in Thailand:

  • Must not be a Thai nationality
  • Excellent academic record (preferably ranked within the top 20 percent of the class)
  • Meet qualifications of SITT graduate program admissions
  • Two strong recommendation letters (at least one recommendation letter must come from an academic instructor/advisor)
  • Have good health and good conduct.
  • Must not be a recipient of another type of scholarship

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Condition to retain the award

 For successful scholarship applicants to retain their awards, the following must be fully adhere with:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.25 with no “F’, ‘U’, or “NP” grades.
  • Make good progress in his/her master thesis/doctoral dissertation and report his/her progress every semester.
  • Assist in the institute’s work for 30 hours per semester, focused primarily on exam proctoring for 24 hours and laboratory supervision or tutoring courses for 6 hours.

Application documents

  1. A statement of purpose (At least one page of a statement of purpose) See here for tips
  2. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume
  3. An official transcript or current transcript:

For Master’s degree application: Bachelor’s degree transcript with at least GPA. 2.75

For Doctoral degree application: Bachelor’s degree transcript, and Master’s degree transcript with GPA. 3.50

  1. Certificate of English proficiency test as one as follows (if any):

– TOEFL (PBT 400+, or IBT 32+)    or

– IELTS 4.5+    or

– TU-GET PBT 400+, or CBT 32+    or

– TOEIC 500+


Remark: The applicant can apply for the online application even though there is no any certificate of English proficiency test.

  1. Citizen ID card or passport
  2. Research paper, publication or certificates (if any)
  3. Recent photograph (1 x 1.5 inches’ size as jpeg. only)

Application period

7th February – 15th March, 2022

Announcement of Successful Candidates: 20th May 2022

How to apply

Interested applicants can apply through the institution’s online application portal

For more information visit the website

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