Study in USA | Graduate Assistantship For International Students At The University of Maine

Graduate assistantship for international students

Why Study At The University of Maine?

The University of Maine (UMaine) is a prestigious institution located in the United States that offers a wide range of postgraduate programs to students from around the world. Studying a postgraduate program at the University of Maine is a great choice for international students seeking graduate assistantship positions and for many reasons.

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The University offers high-quality education that is recognized globally. The university has a world-renowned faculty team that comprises experts in various fields. They provide personalized attention to every student, and the small class sizes ensure that each student receives the best education possible. Moreover, UMaine is a research-oriented university that provides ample research opportunities to its students. The university has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that students can use for their research projects. Participating in research projects provides students with valuable experience and skills that are crucial for their future careers. UMaine offers diverse research opportunities in marine sciences, engineering, social sciences, and more.


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The University of Maine provides graduate assistantship positions to qualified students. Graduate assistantship positions provide students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on research projects, teaching, and other academic activities. This provides students with valuable experience and skills that are crucial for their future careers. Additionally, graduate assistantship positions provide financial support to students, which helps alleviate the financial burden of postgraduate studies. This support includes tuition waivers, stipends, and health insurance.


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Details of The Graduate Assistantships For International Students 

The University of Maine offers teaching, research, and graduate assistantships for eligible students. TAs and RAs are competitive and typically awarded by academic departments. Graduate assistantship positions are either federal work-study or non-work-study eligible and involve working within offices or departments on campus.

The Graduate School awards the following assistantships through a highly competitive nomination process. Interested students should contact the graduate coordinator in their academic department by November for support in the next academic year.


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Chase Distinguished Research Assistantships

Five research assistantships are available annually and are awarded by the Graduate School. The stipend amount is the same as the University’s minimum stipend for the academic year (9 months). A tuition waiver for up to nine hours per semester is included exclusive of courses taken as audit or pass/fail or below 400 level. Partial health benefits are also included. These awards are made on a competitive basis and involve nomination by the department of study and submission of a research proposal delineating the research to be undertaken. Read more

Susan J. Hunter Teaching Assistantships

Susan J. Hunter Teaching Assistantships (TA) are awarded to doctoral students. Each TA is required to teach one lower division course normally scheduled to be taught by a member of the graduate faculty. The graduate faculty member must agree to teach a graduate course that otherwise would not have been taught; this course can be delivered during any semester. All TAs will be required to attend several teaching workshops to be held during the Fall semester, run by the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Read more


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Shared Teaching Assistantships

The Graduate School assists in the coordination of sharing teaching assistants across graduate programs using TA lines which have been offered in the past on an ad hoc basis to meet increased undergraduate teaching needs and funded either through college resources or through resources provided centrally by the Office of Academic Affairs. These awards are made on a competitive basis and involve nomination by the department of study. Read more


Eligibility For University of Maine Funding

The University of Maine offers several types of awards and assistance for new and continuing international students who are pursuing any of the university’s postgraduate programs on a continuous basis.

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All new applicants who wish to be reviewed for awards or other UMaine financial assistance must have submitted and completed a graduate degree application by January 15 of the enrollment year. Most awards are based on academic performance, requiring at least a 3.0 graduate GPA, rather than financial need.

How To Apply For Admission At The University of Maine?

Irrespective of your postgraduate course of interest, the University of Maine has a large number of options available so you can make your mark on the world. Check the admission requirement and application process on the university website.


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