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Graduate assistantship Canada

Why Study At The University of Waterloo?

The University of Waterloo is known for its strong academic programs. With faculties of engineering, science, arts, applied health sciences, and more, the university offers a wide range of programs that are designed to prepare students for success in their chosen careers. In particular, Waterloo is recognized as a leader in fields like engineering, computer science, and mathematics, and has a strong reputation for research excellence.

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The University offers cooperative education programs that allow students to alternate between academic study and paid work experience. This can be a great way to gain valuable experience and make connections in your chosen field, which can be helpful when you’re looking for a job after graduation. In fact, Waterloo’s co-op program is one of the largest and most respected in the world and has helped thousands of students launch successful careers.

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The University of Waterloo is known for its culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. With programs like the Velocity program, which provides funding, mentorship, and resources to student entrepreneurs, and the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, which offers a wide range of entrepreneurship-focused courses, Waterloo is a great place to launch your own business or pursue a career in innovation. Located in the city of Waterloo, which is part of the larger Kitchener-Waterloo area in southern Ontario. This area is known for its high quality of life, strong economy, and vibrant cultural scene. With easy access to Toronto and other major cities, as well as beautiful natural areas like the nearby Grand River, Waterloo is a great place to live and study.

Finally, Waterloo is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community and has many programs and initiatives in place to support students from diverse backgrounds. This includes programs like the Accessibility services office, which provides support for students with disabilities, and the Indigenous Student Centre, which offers a wide range of services and resources for Indigenous students.


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Graduate Assistantship AT The University of Waterloo Canada

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantships are opportunities for academic, personal, and professional development for graduate students that enhance the experiences of undergraduate students, complement the work of course instructors, and help meet the academic mission, vision, and values of the University of Waterloo. Due to the contributions of Graduate Teaching Assistants to the University’s goals, including supporting instructors and facilitating the attainment of learning outcomes for students, financial compensation is provided for all graduate assistantship positions.

Duties of Graduate Assistance At The University of Waterloo Canada

The graduate assistants at the University of Waterloo have the following duties to carry out:

  1. to have completed all training, as required, to qualify to serve as a GTA, including mandatory health and safety training or other academic elements necessary for course delivery;
  2. to review the articulated course content, expectations and skills necessary for courses for which GA opportunities exist, and to identify those positions for which GTAs believe they are best suited to serve as a GTA;
  3. to promptly identify and communicate to the Instructor and/or the TA Administrator potential gaps in their knowledge or skills which might interfere with meeting the expectations of the Agreement, allowing for the creation of a collectively agreed upon plan that articulates the responsibilities for acquiring the necessary knowledge or for arranging an alternative GTA appointment, if available;
  4. to inform the Instructor at the earliest possible time (ideally, during the appointment process) of any planned absences during the term and assist the Instructor in ensuring that appropriate course support is available during those absences;
  5. to fulfill the duties outlined in, and abide by all provisions of, the Letter of Appointment and the Agreement;
  6. to seek feedback regularly on their performance from the Instructor and take steps necessary to improve;
  7. to provide timely feedback to the Instructor related to the agreed-upon expectations including time dedicated to completing GTA responsibilities;
  8. to manage their time, balancing these responsibilities with sufficient attention to their own academic progress toward degree completion; and
  9. to reflect upon and review their performance as a GTA and the feedback they have received and, when necessary, develop and implement strategies for improvement where necessary.


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Value of the Graduate Assistantship Award In Canada

The GA positions are arranged by your academic department and paid through Human Resources. Effecting from May 1, 2023, GAs payment rate is $7,344 per term or $1,836 per month or $45.90 per hour.


Eligibility For The Graduate Assistantship In Canada

To be considered for any Graduate Assistantship position at the University of Waterloo, intending applicant must first meet the requirement for admission into any graduate program of the university. Admissions at waterloo


How To Apply

Interested applicants for the graduate assistantship positions can apply through their department after securing their graduate admission.

Application Deadline

The dates by which appointments are made shall be clearly communicated to students and will normally be guided by the completion of the undergraduate course selection periods. For continuing graduate students, the Letter of Appointment should be delivered as near to the following dates as possible: 15 August for Fall Term (September), 15 December for Winter Term (January), 15 April for Spring Term (May).


For more details, visit the official university website

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