PhD Scholarship In Supply Chain Management For International Students At Northumbria University

Studying a PhD in Supply Chain Management at Northumbria University offers an exceptional opportunity for aspiring researchers in the field. With a strong reputation for academic excellence and industry engagement, Northumbria University provides a supportive and collaborative environment for doctoral students. The program combines rigorous research training, access to state-of-the-art facilities, and expert supervision to foster cutting-edge research in supply chain management. Through close collaboration with industry partners, students gain practical insights and contribute to solving real-world supply chain challenges. Choosing Northumbria University for a PhD in Supply Chain Management ensures a transformative academic journey and paves the way for a successful career in academia or industry.

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Details of the PhD Scholarship In Supply Chain Management

Project Title: A People-led digital supply chain hub to transform the manufacturing sector in Northeast of England

Project Supervisor: Dr Alireza Shokri

Application Deadline: N/A


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Description of The PhD Scholarship Project in Supply Chain Management

Transforming UK manufacturing through digitally empowered supply chains that are resilient, sustainable, and efficient is the future of the manufacturing sector. One mechanism in achieving this goal is the creation of a knowledge hub and support network. Convening stakeholders across the UK manufacturing landscape requires a digital innovation ecosystem to advance and accelerate the understanding and inclusion of digital technology in UK supply chains. Digital supply chain hubs across UK will be the platform that enables stakeholders to co-convene their digitally transformed supply chain in a more transparent and sustainable way, using advanced technologies. The digital supply chain hubs address contemporary supply chain challenges such as supply chain risk and resilience; supply chain sustainability and Net Zero; End-to-End supply chain visibility; circular economy; supply chain finance; and last mile logistics. The regional establishment of digital supply chain hubs is necessary to facilitate better national supply chain connectivity, visibility, coordination, transparency, and efficiency. The Northeast of England, however, is lagging even with the significant investment of automotive, renewable energy and food manufacturing sectors in this region. Our Marketing Operations and Systems (MOS) department is currently working with its partners including National Digital Supply Chin Testbeds and Made Smarter Innovate centres to develop the first Northeast digital supply chain hub. Despite the existence of some digital supply chain hubs and national digital supply chain testbeds, there is no specific research found to assess significant factors in launching, development, and smooth operation of these digital supply chain hubs. Our aim is to investigate the current digital supply chain and innovation landscape of the manufacturing sector in the northeast of England, future aspirations in digital supply chain, strategic barriers, opportunities and key success and failure factors in launching and managing the digital supply chain hub. The question we will answer in this research project is:

Supply Chain Management PhD scholarship

“How does a people-led digital supply chain hub need to be launched, developed and operated to maximise supply chain resilience, sustainability and efficiency in the manufacturing sector of Northeast of England?” fully funded phd in supply chain management

The project will start with a multi-disciplinary review of existing literature including digital supply chain management, supply chain collaboration, efficiency and resilience that will lead to the development of a conceptual framework. This is followed by participant observation and mixed method data collection where the researcher will participate in launching and the development of the digital supply chain hub with a critical lens, while collecting data through survey questionnaire, interviewing potential stakeholders, and focus groups facilitated by National Digital Supply Chain Testbeds, Advanced Manufacturing Forum (AMF) and Supply Chain Directory database. The integration of digital supply chain with manufacturing maintenance has recently been studied by us through an Innovate UK funded project and recent journal paper submission (Shokri et al., 2022). The outcome of this research project is a validated practical framework for the digital supply chain hub stakeholders and participants. Our result contributes into Technological-Organizational-Environmental framework (TOE) theory (Srivastava et al., 2022), and Socio-technical system theory (Sony and Naik, 2020). Supply Chain Management PhD scholarship


How To Apply for the PhD Supply Chain Management Scholarship

This project is supervised by Dr Alireza Shokri. for informal queries, interested applicants should please contact fully funded phd in supply chain management

For more details on the PhD scholarship in Supply Chain Management, visit the PhD studentship portal of the University


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