Postgraduate Research Position At Concordia University, Canada

Postgraduate Research Position At Concordia University Canada

Seeking for postgraduate opportunity in Canada? Here is your opportunity to study at Concordia University Canada for a postgraduate research position at Prof. Charles Lab. Read along to get the full details of the position. You may want to know how best to position yourself for scholarship opportunities

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About the Postgraduate Research Position

This research is to work at lessening our environmental impact and the burden of climate change by deploying combination of approaches which are:

  • reducing energy consumption at the source,
  • switching from using non-renewable energy sources, fossil fuels being the first obvious one, to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy and
  • increasing the efficiency of our energy use.

This last approach is that which has been undertaken by Novopower Intl (NPI). This Montreal startup is developing a free-piston/linear generator based Organic Rankine Cycle to recover heat from low temperatures. This technology enables the reuse of heat from, for example, computer datacenters to produce electrical power that is re-injected into the grid. This approach contrasts with facility co-location where the heat generated by servers would be used in nearby district heating applications. Using waste thermal energy to heat buildings is only possible when the outside temperature is cold. In NPI’s system, the heat can be used to produce electricity throughout the year. As part of this collaboration, a demonstrator system is being studied at Concordia University.

In partnership with Novopower Intl, Montreal, QC, Canada. Successful candidates will work under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Charles Basenga Kiyanda on the following:

  • Characterizing the individual sub-components of an already existing, compressed-air powered, waste heat recovery device, especially the flow through the inlet and outlet valves;
  • building a new control system for the hardware based on commodity hardware (arduino, teensy or equivalent) that allows for direct operator control of the device, without requiring recompilation;
  • evaluating the thermodynamic efficiency and potential power output of the device by modifying currently existing modelling codes available for the project.

Required Skills and Competencies for this Position

For you to be successful in your application for this postgraduate research, you must:

  • Be enrolled in the Concordia M.Eng Mechanical Program.
  • Have good knowledge of fluid and thermal systems.
  • Have a good capacity to structure experimental work, maintain documentation and logs and communicate engineering information effectively.

Additionally, you must have:

  • Capacity to work with and create 3D CAD models and undertake design and manufacture planning of mechanical parts are desired.
  • Knowledge of matlab and/or labview at an intermediate level are strongly positive assets.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidate should please contact Prof. Charles Basenga Kiyanda via email,

For more details, visit the official website of the call.

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