Mitacs Postgraduate Scholarship At Montreal University Canada

Mitacs research scholarship Canada

Why Study at Montreal University?

Montreal University is one of the top universities in Canada, known for its academic excellence and commitment to research. Pursuing a master’s, PhD or postdoc program at Montreal University offers students a unique opportunity to learn from world-class faculty members, engage in cutting-edge research, and develop critical thinking skills that are highly valued in the job market. With a diverse student population, Montreal University fosters an inclusive and multicultural environment that encourages learning and personal growth. Additionally, studying at Montreal University provides international students with a chance to experience the vibrant culture and rich history of Montreal, a city renowned for its arts, music, and gastronomy. Overall, pursuing higher education at Montreal University is an excellent investment in one’s future, both professionally and personally.

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Details of Mitacs Research Scholarship in Canada

Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to prepare the next generation for the Canadian knowledge and innovation economy. It is funded by the federal and provincial governments. Mitacs works with partners in the private, public, and academic sectors to support collaborative research projects.

All full-time or part-time students enrolled in a professional or research program at master’s or PhD level are eligible for Mitacs grants, as are postdoctoral researchers. International scholars are eligible but must obtain the necessary work or study permit. The Mitacs grants are for students to carry out research or innovation projects in partnership with sectors outside of academia.

A recipient of a Mitacs grant is known as an “intern”, as the project takes the form of an internship in which the individual collaborates with a professor offering academic supervision, as well as a non-academic partner. Part of the internship must take place on the partner’s premises. This allows the intern to bring their academic knowledge to a non-academic environment and acquire new skills which will serve them as they integrate into the world of work following their studies. The internship may or may not be part of their academic progress. This decision must be made in consultation with the academic supervisor.


What is the Value of the Mitacs Research Scholarship in Canada?

There are various Mitacs grants – described below – to meet the different objectives the partner, the intern, and the professor may have. The funding given to the intern varies by program but starts at $6,000.

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What is the Duration of the Mitacs Research Scholarship in Canada?

The duration of the internship depends on the research or innovation project, and on the academic level of the intern. One internship lasts four to six months. Award recipients can carry out multiple internships; the number they are authorized to carry out depends on their academic level:

  • A master’s student can carry out up to four internships
  • A PhD student can carry out up to eight internships
  • A postdoctoral researcher can carry out up to nine internships

How To Apply?

Qualified and interested applicants can visit the official page to see full application details of their program of choice.

When is the Application Deadline for Mitac Research Scholarship?

Most of the Mitacs research grants are on a continuous basis, the timeline for each program is available on the official program website.

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