Online PhD In Accounting & Business Management | Best Online PhD Programs In For Working Professionals In 2023

Best Online PhD programs

Why Online PhD Programs For Working Professionals?

In today’s fast-paced world, juggling a career and pursuing higher education can be a daunting task. But thanks to the internet which have made it possible for busy professionals to earn additional degrees without sacrificing their careers or personal life. This is where online PhD programs come in. See ten reasons why you must enroll for online PhD programs.

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Is there any financial aid available for online PhD Students?

Students pursuing online Ph.D. degrees can access various financial aid options. Loans, grants, and scholarships are all examples of potential financial sources. You can check with your chosen school for scholarships or other forms of financial aid.


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Best Online PhD Programs In Accounting In 2023


  1. Online PhD In Business Management at Capella University

Capella University provides an online Ph.D. in Business Management for individuals interested in earning a doctorate in accounting. The Ph.D. program offers an accounting specialization that can be completed within four to six years once the required components have been finished. To fulfill the program requirements, students must complete eleven core courses, one elective course, three virtual residencies, a comprehensive examination, and research for their dissertation.

Candidates interested in pursuing the online Ph.D. in accounting must have a Master’s in Business Administration or a similar discipline from an accredited regional institution with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The program offers students a wealth of assistance, from financial aid to career advice. Additionally, online students have the opportunity to learn from the same experienced faculty members as on-campus students. Read more on how to apply 

  1. Online PhD in Business Administration with Accounting/Finance At Trident University

Trident University offers an online Ph.D. program in Business Administration, which has various concentrations, including accounting/finance, and can be completed in three to five years. The course requires students to complete ten core courses, concentration courses, a dissertation proposal seminar, and a comprehensive exam. For students majoring in accounting/finance, a strong background in finance, accounting, or economics is required to conduct research in areas such as economic growth and development, international finance, auditing, financial reporting and management, and taxation.

Trident University provides individualized support to online learners, including a personal academic advisor and a Student Success Advisor to assist with administrative issues. The online program has zero in-person requirements, allowing students to balance their work schedules with their studies. Read more on how to apply

  1. Online PhD in Human Service at Walden University

Walden University offers an online Ph.D. program in Human Services that requires 54 credit hours and has several components, including a foundation course, core courses, elective courses, research courses, doctoral dissertations, advanced program evaluation, and four residency requirements. This non-licensure program focuses on providing students with a flexible skill set that aligns with CSHSE criteria to help them succeed. Students will have the opportunity to test new theories, challenge old ones, and build a foundation for new information to drive human service delivery and practice advancement.

The program is open to applicants who hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution, but students who have not earned their master’s degree can enroll and earn one along the way. After completing the program’s requirements, students will be qualified for an MS in Human Services or a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) before completing their dissertation or doctoral study. Read more on how to apply 

  1. Online PhD in Accounting at Atlantic International University

The Ph.D. in Accounting program at Atlantic International University (AIU) is an online program that offers students the opportunity to customize their curriculum according to their interests and needs. The program equips students with knowledge of the conceptual framework of accounting and the ability to manage various accounting problems. The curriculum includes accounting research and orientation and accounting courses.

To be eligible for the program, students must have a master’s degree in accounting or a related field, five years of relevant experience, and proof of such experience. AIU also accepts life credits, which are limited to one-third of the program’s credit requirements. After completing the program, students will have advanced knowledge of financial accounting theory and accounting information systems. Graduates can conduct research in various accounting and computer science fields. Read more on how to apply

  1. Online PhD in Human Services at the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona’s Global Campus provides an online doctoral program in Human Services, which is one of the few programs of its kind. This program offers advanced research and scholarly skills to students, enabling them to progress in their careers with the help of the university’s world-renowned faculty. The program requires students to complete coursework, including eleven core courses, one specialization, one elective research course, and a capstone seminar. Online students receive full guidance in completing coursework.

Applicants must have a master’s degree from an accredited institution with an average GPA minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Prospective students must also meet the school’s technical requirements. Students can transfer up to 30 graduate-level semesters from their previous accredited education. Read more on how to apply

  1. Online PhD in Accounting at the Northcentral University

Northcentral University offers an online Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration, with a specialization in accounting that is considered to be among the best in the field. The program requires the completion of 60 credit hours over 45 months, including 20 courses focused on research-based leadership methods.

To be eligible for admission into the online accounting PhD program, applicants must hold both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in a generalized or specialized business area. Those with professional experience in finance, accounting, or business may be given preference. The PhD-BA program at Northcentral University prepares graduates for advanced positions in businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and academic institutions. Students will focus on research-based leadership tactics, refine their existing expertise, and explore emerging technologies, all while learning from experienced faculty and staff. Read more on how to apply 


  1. Online PhD in Accounting at Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers a traditional Ph.D. in Accounting program that is best suited for full-time, on-campus students. The program features a comprehensive curriculum taught by internationally renowned faculty and set within a diverse school environment.

Students with exceptional academic records in bachelor’s degrees can apply for the program, although those without a master’s degree will need to complete business administration courses to demonstrate their competency for the Ph.D. program. The program only admits new students in the fall semester on a full-time basis. Collaboration between faculty and students is an essential aspect of the Broad experience at Michigan State University, and students have the opportunity to work with renowned experts in various accounting fields, including auditing, forensic accounting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and taxation. Read more on how to apply 


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