How to Get Admission in Germany as an International Student

universities in germany for international students

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Universities in Germany offer many courses for any career path of choice for both local and international students who are willing to add a lot of credibility to their educational backgrounds. Not only that you will get an excellent education, but you will also be opportune to acquire rich networks and exposure to twenty first century industrial skills which is an indispensable asset in the already competitive labour market. Therefore, studying in Germany is big leverage.

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We have therefore make the journey easy for you with this detailed step by step process of how to apply to any German University of your choice.


Language of study of Universities in Germany

Language can be a crucial issue, knowing well that Germany is not an English speaking country. Therefore most of the programs in German Universities are taught in German with some exceptions though. Even though you are fortunate to be admitted to English taught courses, running your day to day activities might be challenging without been able to communicate in the local language. It is therefore advisable you enroll for language class to learn German.

Financial Cost of Universities in Germany

After deciding on whether to enroll for language class or not. Another thing to ponder on when applying to universities in Germany is the program and living expenses. Germany can be a very expensive country to live especially cities like Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. However, there numerous universities in Germany with low or free tuition which can be of great offset of your financial burdens. You can CLICK HERE to see low tuition fees universities in German.

Aside the tuition fee, you still need to take care of your living expenses which therefore necessitate you to properly plan ahead.

Application Documents for Universities in Germany

You also need to ensure you have all your documents ready before you can begin your application to any German universities. Requirements vary with the different universities, so researching your chosen school is a must. In general however, you will be required to provide the scan copies of the following documents:

  1. International passport or Valid means of Identification
  2. Visa or no criminal record
  3. Language certificate
  4. Degree certificate
  5. Transcript
  6. Motivation letter or study plan
  7. Recommendation letter
  8. Health certificate.


Picking the Right University in Germany

Your decision on where to study depends on many factors such as tuition fee, life style, programs of choice, research options, admission requirements, language of instruction, and scholarship opportunities among others. These factors can be a very difficult thing to balance, and you may have to sacrifice one to get the other. As always, research is the key. Consider all possible factors before picking a final school (or schools) that you will apply. Picking a school is not the end of the journey, however. In fact, you are still on murky waters. The university still needs to accept your application before you can study there. This can require waiting for responses, checking class openings, and taking their specific tests.

The Application Procedures for Universities in Germany

Now that you have decided which university you want to go and study, you will have to take critical look at the application procedures on the university website. On the university website, there is all the application information such as application deadline, forms, requirements, tuition fee and language of instruction. The information above was general, but now, you have to look up specific information about each university. We hope that you have great luck in applying to universities in Germany.

It is difficult to give you the specific application procedures because each university’s application procedure is so different from others. The best way for you is to make a list of universities and look up the application procedures.


Studying in Germany can be a fun and the whole experience worthwhile. To therefore maximize your stay, make sure your documents are in order and your finances are intact.


If you are financially disadvantage, scholarships can create an easier time living in foreign country. These scholarships often go outside the fees and include bonuses like lodging and groceries. There are plenty of opportunities for scholarships both in your chosen university and beyond. You Check some out HERE.


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