How To Get University Admission In Sweden As An International Student

How to get university admission in Sweden

Getting university admission in Sweden requires certain steps. In this article, you will be walked through the step by step process involved. Grab your seat belt and a cup of coffee because it is going to be a nice ride. But before then, let me quickly introduce Sweden to you then we can go ahead to discuss how to get university admission in Sweden.

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About Sweden

The name Sweden rings the bell of different definitions to different people. Football lovers might get connected with Sweden easily because of the football legend Zlatan Ibrahimović. While students of history might reconnect Sweden to medieval Scandinavia. I was in a discussion with a friend recently about Sweden, I was shocked by the opinion of the person about the country. Well, that is to show the feel of different people about the Kingdom of Sweden.

Brief Introduction

1. Geographic Location of Sweden

Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries located in Northern Europe. Bounded in the north and west by Norway, east by Finland, and south by Denmark. Climate-wise, Sweden is a funny country when it comes to climatic conditions. Winter and summer temperature differences in Sweden are extreme, but generally, the country enjoys a temperate climate, thanks to the Gulf Stream.

2. System of Government

Power from the people is how Sweden is governed. In Sweden, Every citizen has the same right and has the liberty to inspect how politicians and public agencies exercise power. Less I forget, Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and King Carl XVI Gustaf is Sweden’s non-political head of state. The monarch has primarily ceremonial and representative duties while the Prime Minister oversees the official functions of the country.

3. Lifestyle

Work-life balance really means something in Sweden. You’ll never be short of time or opportunity to enjoy your new home away from home with the culture around the corner and the freedom to roam a wilderness unlike anywhere else on earth. It’s no wonder Swedes are savvy outdoorsmen. When it comes to sustainability, Sweden is one of the leading countries in this course of action. Don’t you think getting university admission in Sweden will be a worthwhile experience?

4. Education

Swedish education is one of the best in the world with modern learning infrastructures and faculty members’ years of field experience. The Swedish university system accommodates international students and offers them equal opportunities with the local students. Don’t forget that at the core of Swedish education is sustainability. Little wonder all programs in Swedish universities are SDGs inclined. In case you are considering applying to any university in Sweden, I will advise your motivation for studying in Sweden must be SGD related.


With that introduction, you have some new perspectives about the great Kingdom of Sweden. Can we now continue on our discussion about How To Get University Admission In Sweden As An International Student?


Why Study In Sweden

What will make you even think of studying in Sweden in the first place talk less about thinking about how to get university admission in Sweden. Schooling in Sweden is different from schooling in other countries due to Swedish universities’ culture of a strong focus on group work. The Swedish education system concentrates more on students’ academic interests than on pushing students to achieve a grade. Swedish university systems work to prepare you for a successful future; the job market values ambitious, innovative, and perceptive team players, so Swedish universities attempt to instill these qualities in their students. Below are a few of the many reasons of schooling in Sweden.


Quality and Unconventional Education

You are captivated and now zealous about how to get university admission in Sweden? Read along, please. Degree programs in Sweden offer students the opportunity to mix study and practical work so that they have first-hand experience in their field after school. The system of education running in Sweden is student-centered. Relationships between students and teachers are relaxed and informal; as a student in Sweden, you will be expected to address your teachers by their first names. Who tries this in Nigeria? Chuckles!

Swedish universities lay emphasis on personal initiative and independent thinking. If you choose to study in Sweden, you will be expected and required to take an active role and contribute with your opinions and ideas in lectures, seminars, and group discussions. This will give you the opportunity to develop your individual strengths and cultivate your academic abilities.


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Innovative Environment

On the global stage, Sweden many successful corporations started out in Sweden. A number of successful inventions have resulted from research at Swedish universities and companies, including the computer mouse, Bluetooth, the pacemaker, the ball bearing, the dialysis machine, and internet applications such as Spotify and Skype. These recent inventions are built on a long history of excellence in academia and research in Sweden. Sweden is the home of the Nobel prize and several highly acclaimed universities dating back to the 15th century. This innate creativity has established Sweden as a strong nation in design, fashion, and music.


Though Sweden isn’t regarded as an English speaking country, 89% of Swedish are bilingual with English language as the second option. Therefore as an international student from English-speaking countries you don’t need not worry about not being able to study and communicate with the locals. If your bachelor degree was taught in English language in country where English is the official language, you don’t need to provide IELTS or TOEFL certification. A simple language proficiency letter from your university will do.

Wonderful Outdoor Life

See the cosmic wonder of the Northern lights or the endless summer days. Sweden’s geographic location creates a perfect environment for natural aesthetic extremes. Combined with Sweden’s “freedom to roam,” the general public’s right to access almost all public land for recreational purposes, it’s no wonder Swedes are savvy outdoorsmen. Whether you enjoy camping, skiing, ice skating, hiking, or fishing, Sweden offers international students studying abroad limitless opportunities to explore all of the beautiful nature Sweden has to offer.


University Admission In Sweden

There are about 30 world-class universities in Sweden. Offering programs in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Courses offer by Swedish Universities include:

Sciences, Engineering, Environment Sciences and Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, and Nursing among others.

Unlike most schools in Europe, University admission in Sweden is centralized. I mean the admission process of all universities in Sweden is regulated by the country’s education authority called Swedish Council for Higher Education.

Therefore, every admission process into any Swedish university by either local or international students must pass through the Swedish Council for Higher Education website. There is no big deal having a centralized admission system in a country like Sweden, this however narrows the chances of choice of an institution that you can apply for in a single admission window.


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How To Get University Admission in Sweden

I will use this space to give you a step-by-step process on how you can secure admission to Swedish University. Carefully read along.  Let me also bring to your awareness that there are two admission windows in Sweden—Autumn, and Spring. The Autumn is the September intake while the Spring is the January intake.

Step one on how to get university admission in Sweden

The process of getting admission to Sweden begins with you. As an applicant, you have to decide the likely courses you want to study in Sweden.

Step two on how to get university admission in Sweden

Thereafter proceed to the Swedish University central admission system. Click Here.

Step three on how to get university admission in Sweden

Enter your desired program and select the degree type and admission window (Autumn or Spring) to narrow your search. The search result will give you a long list of universities offering the program you have specified.

You have the opportunity to apply for up to four same degree programs in one application window. The programs might be from different universities in Sweden or one, two, three, or four universities.

Step four on how to get university admission in Sweden

Most people are in hurry and they skip this stage. It is an essential step to avoid your application offer been rejected.

You need to take a list of the schools your search result brought and carefully study the admission requirements. What are the things to consider?

1. Prerequisite for admission

In this category, you need to take note if your previous study program corresponds to the programs listed on the course information page. You also need to consider if you meet up with the specific ECTS (European Credit System) requirement. Read more on the European Credits Transfer System. For instance, for admission into MSc. In Industrial Engineering, a bachelor’s degree in any Engineering course might be prerequisite. While specific requirement might be that applicants must meet up with certain ECTS in Programing or Mathematics during his/her study of the previous Engineering degree.

2. Language of instruction

You also need to check the course information page to be sure of the language with which your program of choice will be taught.

3. Semester Start

Be sure of when the semester will commence. Some university begins their Autumn semester in August, Some in September and some in October.

4. Fees and the surrounding obligations

Don’t joke with this. Every university in Sweden makes this obvious on every course page. Kindly check out the cost of your program of interest and the payment modalities. Some allow payment in installments while some don’t

5. Scholarships/Financial Aids

Getting a scholarship or financial aid will make your study in Sweden sweet. Don’t forget to also check out for this on the program information page

6. Application documents and method

Though Sweden has a central admission system, but different universities require different documents to ascertain your eligibility for the program of interest. Ensure you check out this.

Step five

After you must have done step one to four above, then go back to the website and create your application account.

Fill in your application details.

Please note that if you are an applicant from a Non-European country, you will be required to pay an application of 900 SEK (Swedish kronor) before your application will be processed.

Also, if you are from a certain country, it is expected of you to inform your university/college to send your transcript by post to the Swedish Council for Higher Education.


  General Application Documents

Generally, you will be required to provide the following documents during your application process:

  1. University Certificate
  2. Transcript (student copy)
  3. International Passport
  4. Two reference letters
  5. Letter of Motivation
  6. Project Portfolio (Some programs like music, architecture require this)
  7. Syllabus
  8. Language Proficiency
  9. CV

Application Period

Autumn Semester (study begins in September) October – February

Spring Semester (study begins in January) June – November.

If you desire to know more about studying in Sweden check the official website here

Swedish University admission system check here

Do you know of anything about gaining university admission in Sweden that we have captured here, we will like to hear from you. Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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